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Everyone on the same page

Omelo scrapes all communication touch points (emails, texts, chat) and places them into a singular, one page, beautiful timeline.

The design objective was to create a vertical timeline that made roadmapping a super fun experience. As a founder, I was tasked with brand identity, product ownership and interactive design, and growth.


Reinventing the Feed
Product Design

Spur is a social media platform for content creators of all sizes to monetize without selling out.

Finding a Product-Market fit was the biggest challenge. We needed to create an experience that felt familiar but new; as many users are familiarized with the scroll-feed, we introduced a new paradigm for content discovery, the bubble feed.


Making Mingling Meaningful

Product Design

Fourtop is a social media app for pairs to meet each other in the city without the heaviness that comes with first time encounters.

The challenge was in creating a localized meetup experience that didn't feel uncomfortable or compromise privacy. We wanted to make the app invisible but also useful when urgent moments happened.


Making Everyday Superheroes
Senior Product

SIBI is a platform for home professionals to buy, connect, and manage properties.

The design challenge was to create a multi-user experience that leveraged the power of design systems while creating individualized functionality.


Gamifying social good

Product Design

Awesome is a social media app that curates the best ideas for everyday kindness.

The design experiment was around merging social networking with gamification. As a startup with limited resources, we needed a powerful design system and usage principles that enabled rapid prototyping for user testing.

Past Projects

5 steps for including motion design in your system

The design community has started to apply some rigor toward documenting and systematizing components in both design and code, but motion is often left out of the discussion.
Apr 2019

Systemitizing web creation

Developed a foundational design framework for GoCentral that simplifies the process of theme designing, creates variation affordances, and allows GoDaddy customers the ability to create more beautiful websites.
May 2017

Buying homes in browsers

Dwellito was born out of the housing crisis. When I started researching modular homes and discovered their low costs, I launched a site aimed at educating this new market. Mattresses and even cars can be purchased online; online home buying is next.
Dec 2018

An online celebration of Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead is a celebratory holiday to remember the dead. The site explores the vibrant traditions, tasty dishes, and everything that brings this day to life!
Oct 2018

Free and palatable learning for personal finance

Investment Calculator is a beautifully simple calculator to help you calculate the potential value of your retirement investments and visualize their growth.
Mar 2018

Building a "pay what you want" model

Designed the iOS and Android app for Louis CK, the comedian, based on his "pay what you want" model.
May 2016