Exploring the value that design offers business and human growth

My name is Caleb Barclay, and I’m a consultant product designer with an itch for experimental interaction design and Product-Market Fit. My time is spent thinking about and building products that use design as an edge.


Caleb Barclay

Great brands should be felt, not forced. That’s why stretching the boundaries of interactive design, creating experimental UI, and leveraging design systems to scale software has helped me launch products that engage users and grow businesses. I’m also a maker, building my own products with some great friends. I recently launched an educational website breakingatom.com.

Fun Facts

I'm an Architechie. Yes, it’s a thing. I transitioned to tech after two crazy years of designing 20k+ square-foot homes
I first learned product design to build a startup
My first bootstrap hack involved selling a product subscription to fund the build
My wife and I were featured in Jcrew, we live in Downtown PHX, and have an Instagram for our dog baby, Lola
I've launched over 26 products


01 - Motion in Design Systems
02 - Experimental UI
03 - Consulting teams to ship lovable v1s
04 - Product Leadership
05 - Design Tooling
06 - Collaborative Shipping

Great design is great business

Design is a value offering for business

Handshakes over handoffs

Handoffs are for running backs, not product teams

Leader over laborer

Consultant leadership, not hired contractor

Developer led, design supported

Great teams have designers that care about building and devs that care about UX

Recent Work